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DOG MAN (2015 Documentary Feature —Trailer)
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'Dog Man' tells the story of world renowned dog trainer Dick Russell who trained an estimated 30,000 dogs through his "basic obedience class" in South Louisiana and introduced the pivotal training concept of “large field socialization” to North America, before ultimately succumbing to cancer.


The movie explores how Russell first got into dog training 50 years ago, and the enormous 'paw print' he left in Baton Rouge, and the national dog training community, communicated through several 'HALL OF FAME' dog trainers around the country—from Chicago, to New York, to Orlando, to Atlanta, and the list goes on—all who were highly influenced by the late Dick Russell.



““The film makes us realize the value of helping others, both human and animal, and the need to leave a legacy beyond our own time on earth.” 

Matin Deeley

(Dog Trainer, IACP)

“Best story about an animal person that I have ever watched. I am a dog person, and I am so very thankful that I got to watch this.”

5 Star rating on Amazon

“Consider this one a must-see for dog people and people people alike.”
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